Department of Instructive Biomaterials Engineering


Department of Instructive Biomaterials Engineering focuses on the development of instructive biomaterials for regeneration of damaged and diseased organs and tissues. An example includes our work on osteoinductive calcium phosphate ceramics that has contributed to the development of a product that has been used in 30.000 patients worldwide. We use the principles of biomineralization and anisotropic crystal growth to develop biomaterials with superior properties for regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues. Other important research lines of the team include the use of bioinorganics in biomedical applications. We are also highly active in design and development of platforms based on microtechnological methods, including microfluidics, with the specific aim to produce biomaterials and study cell-biomaterial interactions in a more controlled and/or high-throughput manner. Finally, the group develops and applies (inorganic) nanomaterials for theranostics and regenerative medicine.

Keywords: biomaterials, bone graft substitutes, ceramics, bioinorganics, microfluidics

Prof. dr. Pamela Habibovic

Maastricht University
MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine
Department of Instructive Biomaterials Engineering
Universiteitssingel 40 (Room C3.577)
6229 ER Maastricht   
The Netherlands   

E-mail: p.habibovic(at)