The annual meeting was held on December 1-2nd 2022 and organized by our student organization committee composed of: Magda Gladysz, Johanna Husch, Marieke Meteling and Piotr Zielinski.

Organization committee 2022

The committee did an excellent job in organizing the program, thank you! As in 2021, we had two parallel sessions with excellent talks on various topics such as mechanosensing, bottom-up tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting, smart materials, 3D cell culture, tissue regeneration, and more.

The evening lecture was held by Debora Angeloni, PhD, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology at Scuola Universitaria Superiore, Sant’Anna (SSSA), Pisa, Italy. She talked about
"Space, the new frontier and a resource for tissue engineering".

Tradiationally, we handed out a number of awards. Best Oral Presentations were given to Valentine Vetter (TU/e) and Melvin Gurian (University of Twente). The committee was composed of: Helda Pahlavani (TU Delft), Nuno Araujo da Cunha Gomes (Twente University), Paul Kouwer (Radboud University)

The award for Best Poster went to Maik Schot (University of Twente). The committe consisted of: Debby Gawlitta (UMC Utrecht), Paul Wieringa (Maastricht University), Ignasi Jorba Masdéu (TU Eindhoven), Andrea Schwab (Erasmus UMC), Anniek Gielen (RIVM), and Tianqi Feng (UMC Groningen.

Additionally, this year we also handed out the Best Scientific Photo Award to Ceri-Ann Suurmond.

Download the abstract book here: abstract book NBTE 2022 final2.pdf

Official sponsors 2022