On this page you can find information about research groups that are within the network of the NBTE. The diversity in scientific disciplines that encompasses Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering is so diverse that it is unlikely to be found all in one place. Hence, the network page offered here by the NBTE connects expertise of research groups of which the group-leaders are member of the NBTE to the rest of its members. It is directed to facilitate collaborations by searching for complementary expertise and it will provide insights in the diversity of research within the field of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering and its related fields within the Netherlands.

Universities that have associations with Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Click on the University logo and find out who is associated to the NBTE and what the research is that they do. This will help to establish a sense of network and allows for convenient finding of relevant complementary expertise for potential collaborations to advance the field of Biomaterials.