Policy statements

  • The NBTE is a nonprofit organization.

  • Potential revenues are used to promote the interests of biomaterials science and tissue engineering in The Netherlands.

  • Revenues are not distributed to society members or board members.

  • Board members are recruited from academic, governmental or industrial research institutions and elected at the yearly NBTE General Assembly.

  • Board members do not receive any financial reimbursement for activities related to the NBTE.

  • Board members are responsible for the organization of the Annual NBTE meeting. In addition, the NBTE supports the organization of (inter)national meetings in the Netherlands related to biomaterials and tissue engineering both actively and passively.

  • The NBTE board convenes every two months to discuss ongoing issues.

  • An overview of activities pursued by the NBTE (including a financial overview) is presented during the NBTE General Assembly which is organized during the yearly NBTE Annual meeting.