The 2019 NBTE program can be found here (NBTE2019 Program.pdf) for THURSDAY 21st and FRIDAY 22nd of November.

The keynote lecturer presenting after dinner on Thursday as well as the clinical focus session on Thursday afternoon that is being organised this year to stay in contact with the clinic are already known!! Additionally, we will have an invited contribution from the Controlled Release Society on Friday morning as the opening lecture.

Dinner Keynote Lecturer

Prof. dr. Alvaro Mata, University of Nottingham "Supramolecular strategies to turn biomolecules into functional materials and devices"

Clinical Focus Session

Dr. Karin Gerritsen, UMCUtrecht "Wearable artificial kidney, dream or reality?"

Prof. dr. Harry van Goor, Radboudumc Nijmegen "The peritoneal cavity and biomaterials; friends or foes?"

Prof. dr. Go van Dam, UMC Groningen "Shining light on fluorescence imaging guided surgery: a translational platform"

Controlled Release Society (CRS) Keynote Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Raymond Schiffelers, UMC Utrecht "Delivery of mRNA with Lipid Nanoparticles"

Previous NBTE annual meetings

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