The NBTE will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year!

To mark this historic occasion, a special issue in Bioactive Materials (impact factor 14.12) will be dedicated to the research work within the NBTE and will focus on highlighting the latest findings and trends in the field in The Netherlands.

The collection of accepted manuscripts can be found below (update 8/11/21).

Research article

Spatiotemporally controlled, aptamers-mediated growth factor release locally manipulates microvasculature formation within engineered tissues

Deepti Rana, Ajoy Kandar, Nasim Salehi-Nik, Ilyas Inci, Bart Koopman, Jeroen Rouwkema (University of Twente)

Research article

Controlled temperature-mediated curcumin release from magneto-thermal nanocarriers to kill bone tumors

A. Khodaei, F. Jahanmard, H.R. Madaah Hosseini, R. Bagheri, A. Dabbagh, H. Weinans, S. Amin Yavari (University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht University)

Review article

Cell-matrix reciprocity in 3D culture models with nonlinear elasticity

Kaizheng Liu, Maury Wiendels, Hongbo Yuan, Changshun Ruan, Paul H.J.Kouwer (Radboud University)

Review article

Chondroinductive/chondroconductive peptides and their-functionalized biomaterials for cartilage tissue engineering

Mingjing Zhu, Wenchao Zhong, Wei Cao, Qingbin Zhang, Gang Wu (University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Research article

Electrophoretic deposition of silk fibroin coatings with pre-defined architecture to facilitate precise control over drug delivery

Xian Cheng, Dingpei Long, Lili Chen, John A. Jansen, Sander C.G. Leeuwenburgh, Fang Yang (Radboud university medical center)

Review article

Nanogels: A novel approach in antimicrobial delivery systems and antimicrobial coatings

Damla Keskin, Guangyue Zu, Abigail M. Forson, Lisa Tromp, Jelmer Sjollema, Patrick van Rijn (University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen)

Research article

Human osteoclast formation and resorptive function on biomineralized collagen

Daniel de Melo Pereira, Noel Davison, Pamela Habibović (Maastricht University)