The annual meeting was held on Nov 30th-Dec 1 st 2023 and organized by our student organization committee composed of:

Organization committee 2022

The committee did an excellent job in organizing the program, thank you! Since it's succes in 2021, have kept the two parallel sessions in the program with excellent talks on various topics such as smart hydrogel systems, tissue healing, nanomaterial technologies, 3D printen, and more.

The evening lecture was held by Prof Erik van Sebille from Utrecht University with an inspiring lecture entitled: "Tackling the plastic soup or saving the climate? - The role of academics in major environmental challenges."

Tradiationally, we handed out a number of awards. Two Oral Presentation Awards were given to Castro Johnbosco (University of Twente) and Imke Jansen Imke Jansen. The committee consisted of: Helder Santos (UMC Groningen), Mani Diba (Radboud UMC), Gerry Koons (Radboud UMC), Valentine Vetter (TU/e), and Cecile Bosmans (University of Twente).

Two Poster Awards went to Cecile Bosmans (University of Twente) and Valentine Vetter (TU/e) . The committee consisted of:  Bas Zaat (Amsterdam UMC, Mohammad Mirzaali (TU Delft), Aida Moreira (Utrecht University), Sarah Pragnere (TU/e), and Ceri-Anne Suurmond (Radboud UMC).

Additionally, this year we also handed out the Best Thesis Award to Bregje de Wildt. The committee consisted of: Roberto Narcisi (Erasmus MC), Liliana Moreira Teixera (University of Twente), and Paul Wieringa (Maastricht University). We thank all committee members for their willingness to judge!

Finally, we also had a change in the Board as the terms Andrea Lolli and Lizette Utomo has finished. Their seats will be filled by Johanna Husch (University of Twente) and Gerry Koons (Radboud UMC) as junior board members. The term of our President Aurelie Carlier also ended and excisting board member Jeroen Leijten (University of Twente) will take over. Debby Gawlitta (UMC Utrecht) and Mohammad Mirzaali (TU Delft) were welcomed onto the Board.

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