The 29th annual meeting of the NBTE will be held on Thursday 26st and Friday 27nd November 2020.

The program can be found here when it becomes available: NBTE2020 Program.pdf

Besides high-quality oral presentation given by young researchers from various Dutch institutes, we will have more exciting contributions. Our evening speaker will be Prof.Dr. Anna Herland from Karolinska Institute & Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm with a presentation about in vitro neural models and hybrid bioelectrical systems.

This year, we will have focus session titled "Battle of the Matrix" where two speakers will defend their preference for natural / synthetic materials. Prof.dr. Janette Burgess (University Medical Center Groningen) will be the champion representing natural matrices and Dr. Matt Baker (MERLN institute, Maastricht University) will pick-up the challenge and state why synthetic equals superior. They will engage into a fierce debate.

On the friday morning we will get conected with the Belgium Society for Tissue Engineering and Prof.Dr. Veerle Bloemen will open the friday with a plenary lecture.

This year, we will introduce the Best scientific photo award this year. The award winner will be given the opportunity to pitch the science behind the picture. Eligible are original, non-photoshopped images. Deadline for submission by e-mail is October 25.

Traditionally, the conference will also be judging the best oral presentation, best poster, and best conference chair.